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Federal Agencies

Federal Government Agencies are literally under attack from foriegn governments, clandestine operations and hacker organizations that seek to do harm to the USA or sell sensative information to the highest bidder. Private Social Networks offers the state of the art, highly secure, cloud based platform for private communication and collaboration.

State & Local

More and more we live in an uncertain world where natural disasters, man made disasters and terrorist attacks occur frequently. During these times we rely on State and Local agencies more than ever. Providing First Responders with simple, mobile enable tools to report real-time feedback to Commanders and Decision makers can make the diffference between life and death.


Relationship with patients, their families last longer than the patient's stay. Making and continuing deep connections means they develop more trust in your healthcare organization and choose you as their preferred provider. To deepen connections, you have to understand where your connection to the patient is currently weak and how you can strengthen it.

Private Social Networks™ is a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) technology company that offers a private cloud platform for secure communication and collaboration. Organizations that need a highly secure, private and discrete means to create private branded communities and sub communities with feature rich capabilities in a secure compliant environment, built on a robust content management and authentication system look to us. Any organization that needs to brand, create, and maintain & control (members and content) can leverage our solution and with our unique bi-directional, multi-lingual translation capabilities to deliver powerful solutions on a global basis.

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